Facade (NEW) 🔥

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Facade by Compound Genetics has quickly gained traction as being one of the most successful crosses from the Apples & Bananas line of seeds, with it packing unbelievable commercial yields and there have been several award-winning selections emerging from the lucky phenohunters that have made selections.

The mother is a strain called Eye Candy which is derived from The Menthol line and is a cross of the legendary Biscotti x The Menthol and produces dark purple coloration’s with a pungent gas and mint herbal flavor.

The resulting Facade progeny has enabled the usually wild bud structure of the Apples & Bananas to have a more compact and conical structure whilst producing intensely gassy terps that steer clear of the fruity aspects of Apples & Banana and leans heavily into the Biscotti lineage in the mother. In short, Compound Genetics’ Facade is not one to be missed out on.