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~PURE OG OZ DEAL ~ 16G for $50 28G for $80

True Triangle Special! 4G-40$ 8G-60$ 12G-80$ 14G-90$ 16g-100$ 28G-150$

8g Quarters Specials $50

-Cherry Punch
-Apple Fritters

More Oz Deals

14g $110 28g $200

-Cherry Punch -Apple Fritter -ETC

Cart Deals

-Buy 2 TKO Extract Carts for 50$

–Buy 2 DIME Industry Carts for 115$

–Buy 2 Optimal Genetic Carts for 90$

-Buy 2 Primal Live Resin Carts for $80

Flowers Deals

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Concentrate Deals

QOH Clear Shatter 1g for $40, 2g for $60

Mix & Match: 1g Raw Garden or West Coast Cure & 1g House Badder 60$

House Badder: 1g 30$ 2g for 50$ 5g for 100$

RAW GARDEN: 1g 45$ 2g 75$

RAW Garden Diamonds: 1g 60$

West Coast Cure: 1g for 45$. 2g for 75

Mininimum for delivery is $40.

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